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Dual VET at San Luis Center: A Unique Opportunity for Students and Companies in Bizkaia

Dual Vocational Education and Training (Dual VET) stands as a cutting-edge educational option that combines academic knowledge and company practice in an efficient and effective way. Students can choose to study and work simultaneously, obtaining their qualification and gaining work experience.

28/02/2024 - Artículos

At Centro San Luis , we are committed to offering DUAL VET, or Work-Based Learning. This training modality is advantageous for our students. We manage dozens of DUAL VET projects each course to facilitate our students' job placement. We are aware of the many benefits of DUAL VET and therefore want to present it as an option for our students, and as a solution for staff hiring for companies in Bizkaia. What is Dual VET?

Dual VET is a training model that combines classroom teaching with practical training in a company. Students spend a significant part of their learning time working in real environments, providing them with valuable and relevant work experience from the beginning of their professional careers.

In the Basque Country, in the 22/23 academic year, a total of 11,449 students opted for DUAL VET, working with 7,542 companies. This modality is increasingly accepted among students aware of the effort to study and work to get ahead in the course, and aware of the advantages that the model provides them.

Advantages for Students

  • Real Work Experience: Dual VET allows students to acquire specific work experience, understanding the culture of each company and facilitating their insertion in the job market.
  • Training Aligned with Market Demand: The training cycles offered at Centro San Luis , such as Marketing and Advertising, Web Application Development, Administration and Finance, or Social Integration, are designed to meet the current needs of companies.
  • Improvement of Professional and Personal Competencies: Students not only acquire technical knowledge but also skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability.
  • Employment Opportunities: Dual VET significantly increases employment opportunities. According to recent data, the job placement rate in the Basque Country for Dual VET students is exceptionally high, and at Centro San Luis , it is above 85%.

Advantages for Companies

  • Tailored Talent Training: Companies have the opportunity to incorporate talent and train future employees according to their specific standards and needs.
  • Access to New Perspectives and Young Energy: Students bring fresh ideas and new perspectives, revitalizing the work environment.
  • Commitment to Community and Local Economic Development: By participating in Dual VET, companies in Bizkaia actively contribute to community development and strengthen the local business fabric.

Centro San Luis : Commitment to Dual VET

At Centro San Luis, we not only offer quality education but also strive to maintain a solid and beneficial relationship with the business fabric of Bizkaia. Our collaboration with organizations and companies ensures quality DUAL VET projects, ensuring that our students receive comprehensive training that prepares them for the challenges of today's job market. Collaboration with the Business Fabric and Organizations

The alliances we maintain with companies and organizations allow us to approach the real needs of companies and align training with current and future labor market trends. In addition, these collaborations strengthen the job placement of students, offering them real and effective opportunities in the labor world.

Dual VET at Centro San Luis  represents a unique opportunity for our students to develop practical and theoretical skills, adapted to the real needs of the labor market. For companies, it is a way to train and attract young, dynamic, and prepared talent that will enable them to tackle their innovative future.

We invite students to explore Dual VET as a valuable route towards a successful professional future and companies to join us on this exciting educational journey

La FP Dual en Centro San Luis: Una Oportunidad Única para Alumnos y Empresas en Bizkaia


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