Choose your profession for your future: Marketing and advertising, administration and finance, commercial activities, web application design, networking, social integration, Secondary Education and a Bachelor Degree of the University of Wales.

Educational Programmes

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Bachillerato: "Ciencias y Tecnología"; y "Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales". Formación Profesional: Comercial, Informática, Administrativo, Marketing Formación Básica y Formación a Adultos.

Enseñanza Universitaria

Estudios Universitarios Británicos. Impartidos íntegramente en español, PRESENCIAL y en horario de tarde. Adscritos a la Universidad de Gales - University Of Wales. Titulación oficial en Reino Unido, España y en toda Europa (grado Bolonia). Permite acceder a Postgrados y Masters.

Certificados de profesionalidad

Certificados oficiales de conocimiento en herramientas informáticas y en idiomas Pruebas de acceso a Ciclos Formativos para inscribirse en Formación Profesional.

Otra Formación Subvencionada

Cursos de formación continua y para empresas. Somos centro colaborador con Hobetuz, Lanbide, SEPE. Cursos de Informática, Idiomas, gestión y administración, Emprendizaje y Startups.

Recent News

Centro San Luis launches new Website

Thanks to the three entrepreneurs of Laukoa (two of whom are former students from the Centro San Luis) we look this new modern multilanguage website!

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We inform you that the beginning of the next academic year 2013/14 will take place on September 6 at 10 h. for all courses.

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Here you can find the list of books with which work in different cycles throughout the 2013-14 academic year.

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Our Courses


Prifysgol Cymru - University of Wales Basque Government official authorization, order dated 01/12/2004 (BOPV date of 27/12/2004). British Undergraduate Programme Profile BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONOURS) IN COMPUTING (BSC) is a four year higher education degree, taught in-person and entirely in spanish, on an afternoon schedule to make compatible with students' employment.

This undergraduate programme is in partnership with the University of Wales, awarding a dual degree: the official United Kingdom degree and the European Diploma (Bologna Treaty for UNESCO/CEPES), which enables access to level 7 studies (graduate studies and masters degrees).

The attainment of said degree does not entail automatic validation in Spain, and must be applied for according to current rules and regulations on higher education foreign degree validation. This procedure is the exclusive responsibility of the students as the University of Wales is exempt from this obligation.

The enrollment period for the 2013/14 school year is from February to September, while seating available. During the month of August, Centro San Luis will be closed for the summer holidays. Centro San Luis students will be able to enroll with guaranteed seating until June 15th.

Enrollment cancellation has no penalty until July 15th, after which it would incur a 150 euro fee.

For any questions or additional information about this degree please do not hesitate to contact the University Director:


Telephone: +34 944 05 99 84 / +34 944 39 50 62

Personal Appointment: please contact for appointment date.

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Marketing & Advertising

Establish and carry out a marketing policy based on commercial analysis and publicity and promotion of products and/or services in appropriate communication channels.

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We are a leading educational center

We are a private educational institution, supported by public funding (Basque Govenment, SEPE, European Social Fund), with over 70 years of experience in Bilbao, in continuous adaptation to the market.

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